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English-4-skill | 4-skill Remedial and Enhancement Programmes

English-4-skill | 4-skill Remedial and Enhancement Programmes - Each school has unique needs and expectations for their students. Our 4-skill Enhancement and Remedial Programmes are tailor-made and target to enhance the language skills that your students need improvement on. Whether you want your students to be stronger at reading and writing or more confident and eloquent English communicators, we have what you need. Our materials are designed to cater for learner diversity and varied language abilities.

4-skill Remedial and Enhancement Programmes - Reading and Writing Programme

English-4-skill | 4-skill Remedial and Enhancement Programmes​ – Good reading skills precede good writing skills. In these programmes, students will read many genres of materials. Applying effective reading strategies, they will better understand and retain information from the materials. They will analyse how the different materials are organised, learn the genre-specific presentation style and relevant vocabulary. Students will have many opportunities to write and apply what they have learned.

English-4-skill - Reading and Writing Programme Objectives

Why select our accredited English-4-skill - Reading and Writing programme?

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English-4-skill - Reading and Writing Programme Content

Feature ArticleLive Stream Shopping
Expository EssayHome Mechanics
Descriptive WritingTravelling
Argumentative EssaySocial Media Manic
One-sided Argumentative EssayFashion
Letters to the EditorAnimal Cruelty
Problem-solution-articleWorkplace and Employment
News ArticleGlobal Sports Competition
Letter of ComplaintConsumerism
Letter of Advice/Agony AuntTeenage Issues
ProposalMigration and Immigration
Short StoryThe Haunted House

4-skill Remedial and Enhancement Programmes - Listening and Speaking Programme

These programmes are rich in content and full of speaking activities. They aim to help students develop strong listening and speaking skills so they can become effective and impressive speakers and presenters. Additionally, there will be teaching on note-taking skills, grammar and context-based vocabulary.

English-4-skill - Listening and Speaking Programme Objectives

Why select our accredited English-4-skill - Listening and Speaking programme?

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English-4-skill - Listening and Speaking Programme Content

Listening Practice I
Topic 1: Technology
Integrated Skills: Article
Speaking Practice I
Topic 1: Teenage Pregnancy
Topic 2: Drug Abuse
Listening Practice II
Topic 2: Hong Kong Cinema
Integrated Skills: ‘Explore Europe’
Speaking Practice II
Topic 3: Gadget Addiction
Topic 4: Education and Learning
Listening Practice III
Topic 3: Eating Habits
Integrated Skills: Opening a Restaurant
Speaking Practice III
Topic 5: Family and Relationships
Topic 6: Environment
Listening Practice IV
Topic 4: Video Game Development
Integrated Skills: Part-time Job
Speaking Practice IV
Topic 7: Career and Employment
Topic 8: Health, Beauty and Illness
Listening Practice V
Topic 5: Uses of Internet
Integrated Skills: Fundraising Art Auction
Listening Practice VI
Topic 6: Environmental Problems
Integrated Skills: The Stone Wall Tree

The importance of English-4-skill

The importance of English-4-skill, or the development of all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – cannot be overstated. Here are several key reasons why a well-rounded proficiency in these skills is crucial:

English-4-skill is essential for effective communication, academic success, career advancement, cultural understanding, critical thinking, self-expression, language integration, and global citizenship. Developing these skills provides a well-rounded language proficiency that opens doors to numerous personal and professional opportunities.

English learning trends

  1. Global Lingua Franca: English, as the global lingua franca, is a fundamental requirement in modern education systems. Both students and professionals seek to enhance their English proficiency to meet international work and academic demands.

  2. Online Learning: The widespread availability of digital technology has made online English language learning more common and convenient. Students can access a variety of online courses, applications, and video conferencing platforms for English language learning.

  3. Emphasis on Practical Skills: Students and professionals often prioritize practical application skills such as Business English, professional communication, and cross-cultural competencies. They seek to learn skills that can be directly applied in the workplace.

  4. Multicultural Education: English learners increasingly emphasize multicultural education to better understand the impact of different cultural backgrounds on language. This aids in enhancing cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication abilities.

  5. Exam Preparation: Many students pursue exam preparation for English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge exams to demonstrate their English language level and further improve their employment and educational opportunities.

The future development of English-4-skill

The future development of English language courses is subject to several evolving trends influenced by education, technology, and student needs. Here are some potential future developments:

Personalized Learning:

Future English language courses will emphasize personalized learning. Course content will be adjusted based on individual needs and proficiency levels, ensuring that every student can reach their full potential.

Emphasis on Practicality

Future English language courses will focus more on practicality, directly applying language skills to everyday life, career, and social situations. The course content will be closely aligned with real-world needs.

Multicultural Education

English language courses will place more emphasis on multicultural education to help students understand the impact of different cultural backgrounds and values ​​on language use. Gain a deeper understanding of the context and diversity of the English language.

Enhanced Cross-Cultural Communication Skills

As globalization advances, English courses will emphasize cross-cultural communication skills, including effective cross-cultural communication, international business etiquette and culture.

English-4-skill | 4-skill Remedial and Enhancement Programmes

Level 4 Skills | 4 Skills Remedial and Enhancement Programs These courses are specifically tailored to improve students' language skills in areas that require improvement. Whether your goal is to enhance your reading and writing skills or develop the ability to communicate in English with more confidence and clarity, we each have the solutions you need.