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NET Development and Training

Headstart Academy | Headstart Group NET Development and Training - Headstart Academy offers systematic and practical workshops to improve our NETs' teaching quality and effectiveness.

Headstart Academy - Cradle for Great Educators

Headstart Group’s academy trainers are seasoned teaching professionals who share and teach from their own experience thus making the training of English Language Services programme pragmatic, relevant and impactful.

The objectives of HSG Academy

Corporate Orientation

This module introduces the teachers to the standard and culture of Headstart Group, provide company guidelines and policies, highlight the importance of performance management, quality control and training, and the details of Headstart programmes and operations.

Classroom Management

Every teacher wrestles with the challenge of keeping two or three dozen students in a classroom engaged. Come and learn MODERN and PRACTICAL classroom management tactics to help you maintain control of more challenging classrooms. Learn ways to handle these situations and have a platform to share the situations you have encountered.

Great Teaching Essentials

No matter whether you are new to this industry or you are ‘seasoned’, you will find this workshop extremely practical and a great heads-up. This one and a half hour interactive workshop will cover EIGHT must-dos you CAN embrace to be the high performing teacher that you always dream to be.
Headstart Group designed and developed unique, top-notch and purposeful programmes to meet its clients’ diverse needs. It is imperative that HSG teachers are fully trained and equipped with the corresponding programme knowledge, focus and teaching skills to effectively deliver these programmes. Therefore, HSG teachers are expected to join these programme trainings. They include:

Primary School Programmes
  • Cambridge YLET programmes
  • Speakperfect
  • Oral & Interview
Secondary School Programmes
  • Enhancement and Remedial
  • Public Speaking
  • The Power Pack – DSE Preparation Programme

Words From Participants

Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST) Training for NET teacher

* Upon confirmation of your eligibility as a new teacher, you will be provided with a training video.

*These trainings are exclusive for HSG teachers. Please do mark your diary and be there as scheduled. No show at training will affect your job allocation in the future. Deadline for enrolment is one week before the training.

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