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English Programme for Schools | Headstart Group English Speaking Programme for School | Cambridge YLE Programmes - Headstart Group is dedicated to working with our school partners to enhance and support their students’ English learning for academic and examination purposes as well as future career aspiration.

Headstart Group English Programme for Schools - School Programmes 2022

Headstart Group is well-recognised for its comprehensive range of excellent quality in-class and after-school English programmes for schools. Regularly updated themes and topics and well-researched curriculum and carefully structured lessons help make learning interesting and effective. These programmes complement and enhance students’ English learning at school and support students’ development of the important language skills. All the programmes are designed and developed to suit the relevant ages.

Headstart Group English Programme for Schools - Kindergarden School Programme List

English Wonderland has been the most popular kindergarten programme offered by the Headstart Group. There are K1, K2, and K3 levels. Each level builds on the one before and aims to help students progress from recognizing letters, names, letter sounds and sight words to carrying out daily dialogue with good appreciation of basic grammar. The lessons are theme and activity-based embracing SIX key content elements: Learning-focused Games and Activities, Arts and Crafts, Songs and Nursery Rhymes, Storytelling, Roleplay and Dialogues as well as Show and Tell. From the programme, your students will develop a strong foundation in English and acquire an excellent start in their life long journey of learning.
Knowledge in phonics fundamentally strengthens a student’s spelling and reading ability. Strong phonics skill helps students read more fluently and spell unseen words with better confidence.
Dramarama is a fun and action-oriented programme designed for K2 and K3 students. Engaged in interesting stories and dramatic plays, students will employ body language, facial expressions and differentiated tones and voices to perform, and develop skills as drama kings or queens. This programme will stimulate students’ creativity and nurture their talent in performing arts.
Young children are curious by nature! They love to discover. Our Little Smart STEM Kids is the perfect programme to stretch our students’ thinking. It effectively combines English education with STEM education. In each lesson, students will be encouraged to ask questions, to guess, to predict, to solve problems and to compare. Designed to promote inquiry-based learning, our programme nurtures students to be more receptive, more analytical and be better at reasoning, which are extremely useful skills in their continuous journey of learning.
Cambridge Young Learners English Tests are tests offered by the University of Cambridge. Recognised worldwide as a reliable and consistent test, they measure how well a student is doing in English usages. Tailormade for our promising Starters (P1 and P2), Movers (P3 and P4) and Flyers (P5 and P6), six major learning focuses are highlighted in the course: key vocabulary, common question types, grammar, fun learning activities, drill and practice and mock examination.

Headstart Group English Programme for Schools - Primary School Programme List

Cambridge Young Learners English Tests are common public English tests for young students. They are recognised worldwide as reliable and consistent measures of how well students are doing in their learning of English. The tests for junior students are categorised into three levels, namely Starters, Movers and Flyers. Starters is suitable for P1 and P2 students. Movers is suitable for P3 and P4 students while Flyers is suitable for P5 and P6 students.
Speakperfect, Headstart’s renowned speaking programme, is widely used by schools to build students’ speaking skills. There are 6 levels in this programme. They are designed to provide an encouraging and engaging learning environment in which students are led to participate in fun, interactive and meaningful speaking exercises and activities. Vocabulary building is one key characteristic of the programme.
Knowledge of phonics fundamentally strengthens students’ spelling and speaking abilities. Strong phonics skills allow students to spell unseen words, pronounce new vocabulary, improve reading fluency and help their overall English proficiency. Phonics for Young Learners helps students build a solid foundation in their understanding of phonics allowing them to apply this knowledge effortlessly in their overall learning of English. There are 3 levels in this programme.
Oral and Interview, a must-do programme for P5 and P6 students who want to impressive the panel of interviewers from their favourite secondary schools. The programme teaches useful and descriptive vocabulary and phrases; demonstrates how to use voice elements and facial expressions to effectively present ideas; as well as the importance of manner and etiquette. There will be many interview opportunities for students to practice what they learn. To make the lessons fun, there are confidence-building games and speaking activities for students to engage in.
Comprehensive 4-skill English Programmes is a one of its kind. It is founded on request from our elite schools which are clear and particular about what they want. Varies from school to school, this programme can cover four skills, or any combination of them. Just tell us your need and your expectation and we will do the rest! There will be a process of tailor-making and listening and discussion. It is a happy and effective process.

Headstart Group English Programme for Schools - Secondary School Programme List

Our Enhancement and Remedial Programmes are tailor-made and focused on the skills that your students need remedy or can be further enhanced that your students need support either as a remedy or as an enhancement.
Writers can be nurtured and developed. The Creative Writing programme aims to instill in students an interest in writing through introducing them to fun and interesting topics.
We never know when our students will be asked to speak English in public. Better teach them well when they are young. There are many elements to good public speaking and they can be learned. The Public Speaking programme teaches speech writing skills and public speaking skills.
The Power Pack prepares S4-S6 students to tackle HKDSE with good subject knowledge and effective examination skills. Schools shall decide what paper to focus on and how much time to allocate to which paper. The programme dissects each examination paper and teaches the skills and knowledge that HKDSE aims to test. To cater for students’ needs, we tailor-make the content for each school.
English Fun Day is for everyone! After more than two years of staying quiet, the time has come for some fun! Students learn best when they are having fun. This programme aims to immerse students in English through beyond-classroom activities such as interactive games, movie and song appreciation; and booth visits. Students will learn language skills, social skills and enjoy friendship all at the same time.

Headstart Group English Programme for Schools - Summer Programmes 2022

Every year Headstart Group offers a wonderful array of summer programmes. They help prepare students to enter primary school, or secondary school; and enhance strong students to do even better, or support weaker students to improve. These programmes strike a perfect balance between learning and fun.

Headstart Group English Programme for Schools - Primary School Programme List

These programmes engage students in fun and interactive activities while teaching them essential skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. They help students improve their English language skills through a structured curriculum and instant feedback from experienced teachers.
A most popular speaking programme among primary schools. Speakperfect targets to help students become confident and fluent English speakers. The materials offer students a good diversity of fun, interactive and relevant speaking activities and tasks. The lessons are structured around themes to provide plenty of opportunities for students to expand their vocabulary and learn useful language forms.
Phonics for Young Learners aims to help students develop a strong foundation in Phonics so they will be better prepared for their primary school studies and beyond. It starts with phonological awareness, letter sound relationship, then the teaching of key vowels and consonants. It is a systematic phonics programme filled with activities, games and songs.

Headstart Group English Programme for Schools - Secondary School Programme List

This comprehensive LAC programme takes the burden off subject teachers and immerses students in subject-focused English Lessons. Students will gain solid exposure to a wide array of subject knowledge and vocabulary, stimulating their interests in them before they choose their focus of studies.• Remedial and Enhancement – comprehensive 4 skills
Our English enhancement and remedial programmes aim to equip students with academic literacy and writing skills essential to their studies. The programmes are designed to cater for learner diversity and the materials are appropriate for their language ability.
The Power Pack is an early DSE-oriented programme. It endeavours to empower S3 and S5 students to tackle the public examination. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking sections will be spread over 10 days and 20 hours. The programme dissects each examination paper and teaches the skills and knowledge that DSE aims to test.

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