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Teach English in HK | Headstart Group English Teachers in HK - teaching in local school network brings a happy and satisfying work experience.

Want to be English Teachers in HK? Thinking of setting off a new adventure to Teach English in HK? Headstart Group offers English curriculum design and development; and native-speaking English teachers recruitment services to more than 250 schools who spread across kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Through 15 years of wide and deep exposure to our network of clients, Headstart Group has gained superb and unique understanding and insight into English education in HK. Our relationship with our schools are built upon 16 years of solid and uncompromising service. We are at the best position to represent our NETs and to provide fair and relevant advice.

Full-scale Support of English Teachers in HK

We fully understand that highly qualified, responsible, energetic and caring NETs are important to any school. Our Teacher Recruitment and Allocation Department and Quality Managment Department bear the responsibility to build the best NET team to serve our schools and our students.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching has become an alternative to classroom lessons. Our Quality Management Department has developed a teacher development programme for online teaching to make sure our NETs are fully trained and prepared to teach on line so that student learning will not be compromised.

Continuous Training and Development

Quality Management Team’s
mission is to enhance NET
quality. Through Headstart
Academy, it provides full training
to our NETs. Training modules
include classroom management
and handling learner diversity.

Administrative Support

Provide administrative support
on taxation and monitor
attendance issues such as
punctuality and leave application.

Social and Community Engagement

Host social gatherings and
community care events to bring
cultural integration and to satisfy
NETs’ drive for civil pursuit.

Career Consultation and Support

Provide mentorship on career
plans and advice on EDB NET
scheme and visa issues.

Performance Evaluation and Follow-up

Quality Management Team
conducts class observations
regularly to monitor NETs’
performance and to provide
support in advance.

Teacher Assistant

Organise teacher assistants to
assist NETs in times of need.

Onboarding and Orientation

Educate NETs the Hong Kong school system; introduce our work culture and value so they can adapt effectively to the local school culture.

Complementary Materials by Product Team

Offer materials to enhance NETs’ teaching when needed.

【Teach English in HK】 | "Headstart Group" English Teachers in HK