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ECA | Cambridge YLE Programmes

ECA | Cambridge YLE Programmes - Headstart Group has skilfully designed a comprehensive set of Cambridge Young Learners English Test Programmes that aim to effectively equip students with the language skills and knowledge, and the examination strategies that are required for excelling in the examinations.

ECA - School Programmes 2023

ECA | Cambridge YLE Programmes​ – Cambridge Young Learners English Tests are common public English tests for young students. They are recognised worldwide as reliable and consistent measures of how well students are doing in their learning of English. The tests for junior students are categorised into three levels, namely Starters, Movers and Flyers. Starters is suitable for P1 and P2 students. Movers is suitable for P3 and P4 students while Flyers is suitable for P5 and P6 students. Our current programmes are in their 2nd edition which have been significantly enhanced and upgraded with a good balance on teaching and practice.

Cambridge YLE Programmes

Why select our accredited Cambridge YLE Programmes?

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ECA Programme Highlights

To equip students with the language skills and knowledge in excelling in the Cambridge examinations, there are SIX main components in the programmes.


Vocabulary commonly seen in the Cambridge examinations


Regular question types and examination skills


Essential grammar knowledge


Interesting and engaging activities to help understanding and memory of vocabulary and grammar


Drill & Practice


Mock examination
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Headstart Group

Qualified Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre

Headstart Group is pleased to have been awarded the Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre Certificate over the past 7 years by the Cambridge English Language Assessment in recognition of our role in preparing and registering students for the Cambridge examinations. We have also been awarded the Platinum Member Certificate by the British Council under its Advantage Partnership Programme. Our students consistently achieve remarkable results in the Cambridge examinations.

ECA Programme Contents










Exam Skills

Focus: Reading & Writing

Focus: Listening

Focus: Speaking

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ECA | Cambridge YLE Programmes

The “Cambridge YLE Course” by Headstart Group has been thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive approach to prepare students effectively for young learners’ English language tests. This course aims to enhance students’ language skills, knowledge, and test-taking strategies required to achieve excellent results in the examinations.

ECA | Cambridge YLE Programmes​

Headstart Group's "Cambridge YLE Course" offers students the opportunity to excel in young learners' English language tests. Its comprehensive design and holistic training provide students with strong language skills and exam preparation strategies, enabling them to achieve outstanding results in the exams.

Cambridge YLE Programmes

Our Cambridge YLE courses bring years of teaching expertise to make every lesson an engaging and effective learning experience. Their extensive experience allows them to tailor courses to each student’s specific needs, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education in all aspects of language learning.

Cambridge YLE Programmes

A teacher’s guide to growing with children and succeeding in the Cambridge YLE curriculum. With the expertise of teachers, your child will be on the path to excellent results and a solid foundation in English.