2023 Best Headstart Teacher Award

Best Headstart Teacher Award recognises outstanding teachers who have demonstrated exceptional teaching quality, made positive impact on their students, and worked well as a team player. This award reflects the company’s vision to advance our teachers’ careers while recognising their performance and dedication. We are most pleased to announce that *Mubina Magar* is the winner …

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Headstart Cup

Headstart Cup is an inter-secondary school general knowledge competition. It tests students’ knowledge on a broad range of topics, spanning over world affairs, politics, economics, technology, science, arts, culture, history, entertainment and sports. This competition aims to demonstrate that there is more than academic knowledge. Broad interest and understanding about the world enrich us and …

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This exciting competition has become very popular thanks to the support of the primary school community. Students enjoy showcasing their spelling skills in this professionally run event. The atmosphere is serous yet fun.  The educational value of Superspeller is helping students develop an awareness of good English pronunciation, improve their vocabulary building and spelling abilities …

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