2024 Best Headstart Teacher Award

Best Headstart Teacher Award recognises outstanding teachers who have demonstrated exceptional teaching quality, made positive impact on their students, and worked well as a team player. This award reflects the company’s vision to advance our teachers’ careers while recognising their performance and dedication.


We are most pleased to announce that *Marzia Zaman* and *Peter J Murray* are the winners of this year’s award.


Marzia, an exceptional NET primary teacher, engages students with innovative methods, fostering a love for English. She inspires confidence, strong language skills, and academic success. As a valuable team player, she collaborates effectively and supports colleagues, creating a productive learning environment.


Peter‘s deep commitment to student success and well-being is evident through his exemplary attendance, engaging teaching style, and dedication to extracurricular activities. Peter’s students have achieved remarkable awards, reflecting his ability to inspire and transform lives.


Marzia and Peter are truly an exceptional teacher who should be an example to us all.

Additionally, we are thrilled to have received 6 nominations. It is important that we highlight and celebrate the success of other nominees’ admirable performances. Below is the list of our nominees and the comments from schools.


Marzia Zame (Winner) – Buddhist Chi King Primary School

Peter J Murray (Winner)  – The Yuen Yuen Institute Chan Kwok Chiu Hing Tak Primary School

Munal Sharma – F.M.B. Chun Lei Primary School
Fundi Mkhize – SKH Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School
Steven Peer – TWGHs Lions Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong Kindergarten
Ayesha Khalique – TWGHs Wong Wu Lai Ming Kindergarten

We thank our schools and panels sincerely for participating in this event. Your support is our motivation and we look forward to our continued partnership.

Best Headstart Teacher Hall of Fame

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